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Image by Vincent Botta

About Us

The Promised aims to unite faith-based and secular viewers through beautiful, well-told stories that inspire us all. The EZ37 Foundation believes that this series will fill its viewers with light, strength, and confidence. 


Bringing The Promised TV series to a worldwide audience will require the highest quality production team, cinematographer, producers, writers, costumers, sets, editors, music, and much more. Through our foundation, your tax-exempt donations will bring this life-changing series to life.   

Meet the Team


April James is a proud wife, mother, grandmother, and life-long entrepreneur. She has had experience as a small business owner, business coach, teacher, and Executive Director of the Non-Profit Hearts Knit Together. April is thrilled to help bring The Promised to the big screen in order to share more light, love, and Jesus with the world. 


Jessica Christenot is happy to be part of this non profit organization board. She has always felt drawn to being a part of something that can help bring more happiness and encouragement to anyone who needs it. She is getting herself back into acting and has always had a passion for the arts. She looks forward to seeing the growth that this endeavor can achieve.


Emily Denhalter is a board member of the EZ37 foundation. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies from Weber State University. She loves overseeing logistics to make films happen as well as obsessing over the important creative details. She is especially excited to be working on The Promised because she knows it will change lives. She lives in Salt Lake City, UT, with her husband and baby boy.

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